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I have been passionate about studying photography from the time I was in Junior High school. At that time it was 35 mm and 110 films and the exposure to develop them in the darkroom. Experiencing the transition of seeing these photos come alive in print was very fascinating. I must say that my grandmother was an avid photographer back in the 1950’s and was the life of photographs for the family. When watching my grandmother’s photos on the projector while visiting her home was the calmness to life that has sparked my interest. She was a world traveler and has photos from around the world.

Photography is the ultimate timeless moment that can usually place you in that era that you can reminisce on and just relive the past.  This is passionate to me and my continued love for nostalgic remembrance.

In the current moment of life, there is no stopping the clock or having a redo this moment. I believe in capturing the moment and creating memories.

I have a shared value towards photographing people of all ages and cultural diversity, exploring outdoors with nature shoots on land, sea & air, and most of all, life’s current events. Community festivals, Galas, and Carnival Parades with their festive events are amongst my favorite vibes.

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